working with jndi

hi, i am able to work with out using jndi but now i want to use jndi concept so i am not getting idea how to bind it and start working with it so please let me know from basic how to work with jndi in jms

Hi ,

In development point of view working with JMS is always same. 

JNDI is require if you want send/receive JMS messages to extrnal JMS provider other than Broker (webMethods Native Broker).

  1. Create JNDI Provider Alias for your JMS Provider ( for webMethods ,webLogic ,JBOSS).
  2. Create JMS Connection by selecting “Create Connection Using” as “JNDI Lookup” and select your JNDI Provider Alias Name and provide all other required details.

Once you are done with creation of JMS Connection Alias you can use same alias similar to normal JMS connection alias of Broker .

But for administration you might have to do some changes at JMS Provider end.