Working Pub/Sub Java Example - IS and UM

Hi all. Two issues.

  1. I’m looking for a dirt simple code example specific for testing pub/sub with the IS and UM/Nirvana. I have it configured to integrate with the IS (aliases created for JNDI and JMS connection). I can see in the Nirvana Enterprise Manager that the WM channels were created and available.

When browsing the sample code, I only find code tailored for the old broker. Are any fully building, simple pub sub examples for these two available? I am new to UM and want to verify it’s operating correctly before unleashing the Dev’s on this new environment.

  1. Also, are better switch descriptions and command examples for Nirvana’s java command line programs available somewhere in the docs? All I’ve found is the code and the output of what I see when doing n[command_here] -? Some are fairly self-explanatory, however, others are not.

For example, trying to publish using npubchan or trying to subscribe using nsubchan tells me that it can’t find the correct realm. I can call ngetchannels and can see my channels created just fine. Using the -? switch doesn’t say anything about how to specify a realm. Since ngetchannels returns the list of channels just fine (without specifying a realm) shouldn’t I be able to use the other channel commands without a realm also?

Any help anyone could provide for either of these two issues would be awesome and greatly appreciated.