Workflow not starting Authentication Server not yet Active

Trying to start the workflow on windows xp. I had probelm where the jar were not placed in workflow/client which I copied and now the screep comes up with :
Authentication server not active yet

Error shown in the launcherlog0.txt is
connection to rmi:// timed out.

Any clues


I am also getting same error. I am able to configure Workflow Configurator and configurelog0.txt does not have any error i.e. everything is configured correctly but while starting workflow, i am getting error as “Authentication Server not active yet” and error as indicated above in the launcherlog0.txt.

Can anyone give a clue about the same?

try to reconfigure your workflow on some other port say 9000/9001.Also check if your Database settings has been configured correctly and it is pointing to right one.

Puneet Verma

hi guy,
I met this problem before, and I figured it out as follows:
Make sure the Client PC can recognize the Server HostName. You can test in command line:
C:\ping <server_hostname>
If “Unknow host <server_hostname> “is displayed, open file C:\WINNT\system32\drivers\etc\host in WordPad, add a new line as follows: <ip> <hostname>
Example: pofds4004
after that, restart workflow client, reset hostname and log in.