Workflow - first configuration

Hello All,

I installed WorkFlowServer in a Solaris System with the following characteristics:
A) ports used 5000 and 5001
B) conection to the broker… no SSL (it’s connected)
C) Database creation - it was created a tablespace and user to WorklfowServer (created and Ok)
D) startup of the server - OK

E) Client connection - I’m using a WorkflowClient installed in a Windows XP environment. When it starts, a conection to the server happens but a logon screen appears and I could not logon, since I never was asked to enter a username and password, except by the database configuration. I already tried to find out any password file or even test if a ACL user is able to log in… No success… I need some help in order to find out what I may forget in terms of configuration

Thanks in advance,

Kleber Ferreira

Review the Workflow User’s Guide for how to setup connection properties in the Workflow Client. I don’t have W/F installed here, but I seem to remember a menu option that allowed you to specify connection properties.



May be you should try and see the logs under,
<>/WorkFlowServer/log/ directory

You will find couple of log files under this directory and these are particular to WF Server. Generally it maintains 2 types of log files, for eg., servermgrlog0.txt and servermgrlog.txt…review the size of the files to know which file is being used to write the logs.

Vijay Kumar

Hi Kleber Ferreira,

Can you again try to configure workflow, with different ports (e.g 9000,9001)
winXp has issues with port 5000,5001…it worked for me. :slight_smile:

Puneet Saxena