Workflow 6 servlet on WebSphere 4 any luck


Has anyone had any luck deploying Workflow (workflow.war) on WebSphere 4 ? We have tried but haven’t had any luck (I don’t know the exact errors right now but can find out)
We are working with the FCS 6.0 version of Workflow, and are hoping to deploy it on WebSphere instead of having to run another servlet engine (eg. Tomcat).

Any comments ?



Hi Wayne,
I have been trying to figure this out as well. It appears that the latest version of webSphere only supports JSDK 1.3 implementations of servlets. Workflow uses the JSDK 2.3 implementation. I was very deep in looking into this and found some reference to a conversion procedure that IBM has to deal with this. I actually gave up on researching this and hope that IBM supports the newer standards soon. You might want to check with the IBM knowledge base and see who might have solved this.

Rob Tiberio
Director Workflow Technology