WmWFServlet Package in Integration Server 61


I have installed IS 6.1 and workflow server, but I could not able to findout WmWFServlet package. I would like to know with default installation I get this package?.
If not from where I have to download this package

Hi Krishna,

This package comes with the default installation. However, when you install, you have the check the option of installing the workflow Servlet. This option would give you the WmWFServlet package.

Hope this helps,

With workflow default insallation you should see the WmWFServlet package.May be the installation did not successful or look in the ISAAdmin packages/Management section whether if this package got disabled.


Anitha and RMG,
Thanks for your reply. With default installation this pacakge not loaded. Can I load this package separately now?.


Can anyone send me servlet engine folder which is required to run thin clients