WmSAP Partially loaded when IS moved to another server

Hi All,

For some reason, I moved our IS to a new hp-ux server(B.11.31 U ia64), the IS version is wm65 SP2. After I started IS, the WmSAP package is Partial load, and I cannot see SAP Adapter.

I got below error messages.

JCO.classInitialize(): Could not load middleware layer ‘com.sap.mw.jco.rfc.MiddlewareRFC’ JCO.nativeInit(): Could not initialize dynamic link library sapjcorfc [no sapjcorfc in java.library.path]. java.library.path [/opt/java1.4/jre/lib/IA64W:/opt/java1.4/jre/lib/IA64W/server:/opt/java1.4/jre/…/lib/IA64W:/usr/app/webmeth/ECD/IntegrationServer/packages/WmWin32/code/libs:/usr/app/webmeth/ECD/IntegrationServer/packages/LuEnterprise/code/libs:/usr/app/webmeth/ECD/IntegrationServer/…/common/lib:/usr/app/webmeth/ECD/IntegrationServer/lib::/usr/app/webmeth/ECD/IntegrationServer/packages/WmWin32/code/libs:/usr/app/webmeth/ECD/IntegrationServer/packages/LuEnterprise/code/libs:/usr/app/webmeth/ECD/IntegrationServer/…/common/lib:/usr/app/webmeth/ECD/IntegrationServer/lib:/opt/java1.4/jre/lib/PA_RISC2.0/jli:/usr/lib]

It seems sapjcorfc file is missing, but I can find libsapjcorfc.sl in IS_HOME/lib.

Anybody have an idea?
Thanks very much.

Hi Junyi,

is the libsapjcorfc.sl executable?

If not, make it executable (“chmod a+x libsapjcorfc.sl”) and restart IS.

Which OS was the old server running?
If it was not using HP-UX ia64 architecture the libsapjcorfc.sl will not work and you have to get a new one for HP-UX ia64.

libsapjcorfc.sl is a native C library and is platform-specific.

Assuming you are running SAP Adapter 6.5 (using JCo2), can you provide the fixes applied to IS and SAP Adapter?

If possible, you should consider upgrading to a newer Version of IS applying SAP Adapter 7.1 (using JCo3).

JCo2 is no longer maintained and supported by SAP.


Please share the output from your /WmRoot/about.dsp as well as your WmRoot/updates.dsp.


Hello Holger,

Thanks for your reply.
libsapjcorfc.sl file is executable.
the old server is HP-UX PA-RISC. I searched this problem in web. some said the libsapjcorfc.sl is different between HP-UX PA-RISC and HP-UX Itanium. It might be the root cause.

I use WmSAP_6-5-0_SP1 Fix2. and the IS is IS_6-5_SP2.

can you please guide where can I find the libsapjcorfc.sl for HP-UX ia64?

Below is update page.

Installed Packages and Updates
Package Name Version Enabled Loaded
Default 1.0 Yes Yes
WmART 6.5 Yes Yes
WmDeployer 6.5.1 No No
WmFlatFile 6.5 Yes Yes
WmPRT 6.5.1 No No
WmPublic 6.5 Yes Yes
WmSAP 6.5.0 Yes Partial
WmSAP_6-5-0_SP1 6.5.0 – –
WmSAP_6-5-0_SP1_Fix2 6.5.0 – –
WmTomcat 6.5.1 No No
WmUDDI 6.5 No No
WmVCS 6.5 No No
WmWin32 6.5 No No
WmXSLT 6.5 No No

Hi Junyi,

yes, they are right.

you will have to ask the SAP Systems which you are connecting to, to get in contact with SAP to provide them the appropriate lib.

JCo2 is no longer available in SAP Marketplace for download.

The following note can be found on the SAP Marketplace pages for the Java Connector:

 Please note that the maintenance and support periods for all SAP JCo versions prior to release 3.0 already ended:

    The maintenance and support for SAP JCo 1.1 ended on December 31, 2003.
    The maintenance and support for SAP JCo 2.0 ended on December 31, 2008.
    The maintenance and support for SAP JCo 2.1 ended on March 31, 2013.


Hi Junyi,

just some more questions:

Which Database are you using?

Please note that the newest Oracle Database versions will not be supported on HP-UX:

Please keep us updated with your progress so that we can check for further options.



Also are you not considering upgrade to IS 9.x.x and SAP Adapter 7.1 in the near future? :smiley:

It’s time to upgrade for a better support the needs!


Hi Junyi,

any progress on this?