WMS/Designer 8.2 & 8.0 Backward Compatibility

I’m currently developing with Designer 8.2 and MWS 8.2 and may have a need to also run my projects on MWS 8.0.

Is a portlet or web project developed using Designer 8.2 and running on MWS 8.2 backward compatible with MWS 8.0?

Since I have not been able to find any MWS 8.0 documentation. Does MWS 8.0 support Creating and Managing Certificates for My webMethods Server like 8.2 does?

hi Gilbert, I think you can ask SAG support for the 8.0 doc.


Hi Gilbert,

For MWS documentation, kindly refer i.e. http://techcommunity.softwareag.com/ecosystem/documentation/webmethods/mywebmethods_server_and_task_engine/mws_wtn802/index.htm

Regarding the backward compatibility, i believe it will be better if you go through product documentation of both versions to understand the differences.

But kindly bear in mind from Architecture point of view IS & MWS are tightly coupled and i really doubt the backward compatibility in that area if that is a part of your requirement.

Amit Gahlot

Backward compatibility normally means services developed in old version will work in newer version, not the other way.
For your case, you can only test it out.