WmPRT Package Startup Error: com.wm.app.prt.model.PRTFragmentDef cannot be cast to com.wm.app.prt.mo

While reloading WmPRT package i got below error:
com.wm.app.prt.model.PRTFragmentDef cannot be cast to com.wm.app.prt.model.PRTFragmentDef
And due to this error none of the deployed processes are visible on WmPRT home page. Also not able to deploy any new BPM as getting the same fragment file cast exception.

Tried to run scanPackage service which in turn also returned the same error.

Increased the logging level of WmPRT package but no info related to cause of the error.

Product Version: (IS_9.12_Core_Fix9)

I tried to search on community forums but couldn’t find any solution to this problem.

Please help!


Check the readme for the fix “DES_9.12_Deployer_Fix1”

Else, try this workaround and see if this helps.

  1. Stop IS
  2. Edit server.cnf adding: watt.server.classloader.pkgpriority=WmPRT
  3. Start IS