WmProcess Table Updation


Could anyone please let me know how exactly the process happens while updating the WmProcess table records while execution of certain Process through PRT?

I am facing a problem where sometimes the entries of a particular process gets updated in WMProcess table in DB and sometimes they do not get updated in WMProcess i,e If i search WmProcess table with a given instance Id it returns no records when already the message has been sent to the Receiver.
Most of the cases whenver the message is sent to the Receiver it gets logged into the WmProcess table.

I suppose that it is mandatory to have this updations into WMProcess table.

i couldnt get any documentation on how this records are added to WmProcess table.

i have already referred Logging and monitoring, Built in Services guide, Monitor User’s guide etc.

Please throw some light on this issue and help me out with a reason for this failure in updation.