WmPartners & SAP adapter installation


We are trying to evaluate the Integration Server with Siebel and SAP adapters.
SAP adapter needs to have WmPartners package - which was not installed as part of initial installation and may be this is the reason why we couldn’t see any thing at management > Install inbound releases ?

Tried re-installing IS but didn’t get a prompt for custom installation (per documentaion and other Q & A’s suggested to select custom installation !)

  1. is it because it’s an evaluation edition?
  2. if we don’t have an option for custom installation, is there any workaround to get WmPartners package?

Your input is highly appreciated.


Need to copy WmPartners.zip file to \replicate\inbound.

It resolved our issue,tx for the support help.


could you tell me where to find wmpartners.zip file. I tried to find it in the entire site with no luck. Please provide me the link.


I am also searching for wmpartners.zip file. Could you please let me know where can i download the package?

Many Thanks,

WmPartners is an optional package that you need select when you download or build any 6.x Integration Server. You need to make sure that when you are in the Install Wizard, that you open the product tree for Integration Server and click on the “check box” that specifies WmPartners.

Use the webMethods Install Wizard to download this package seperately if you have already installed Integration Server.

In order to be more specific, I would add this:

  1. wmpartner is under the tree Runtime Environment/wmIntegration Server/Compatibility; there you “should” find wMpartner for SAP…

  2. I said “should” because wmpartners.zip needs to be contained in the image file that you are using during installation, otherwise you need to ask or download an image containing it.