wmPartners in Integration Server 4.6 ?

I am trying to load the SAP adapter package with Integration Server 4.6, and receive the error
“This package requires WmPartners package (Version 1.*) to load”

Does anyone know if wmPartners was removed from version 4.6 and if so, how does the SAP adapter work with v4.6?


On page 18 of ISInstallGuide.pdf:

“WmPartners is no longer installed as part of the Typical install of the Integration Server. If you want to install it, choose the Custom install and select the Partner Manager Component.”

Once installed, use Administrator make sure it is enabled and loaded.

Thank you very much!
One more question: is v4.0.1 the latest version of the SAP Integration Server Adapter?

There appears to be a “SAP Business Connector” to WebMethods available from the SAP site, which is of version 4.6.

Are these the same thing or is one more updated than the other?


WmPartners is an optional part of the Integration Server 4.6 installation. There is a checkbox in the installer to get that component.

SAP business connector 4.6 and Webmethods B2B server are the same products except for one difference. SAP business connector 4.6 comes with SAP adaptor and the product is free if you are a SAP user.