WmIPRoot Package reg

I am working on upgrading the RN packages to webM 8.0
I am facing a problem with the services in WmIPRootPackage.
I got an error in wm.ip.util:createPID as java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException: com/wm/app/b2b/util/tx/TXJobId

Also, i got an error with wm.ip.util:recordFromBizDoc service.

Could anybody please tell me if any common configuration settings has to be done for this package WmIPRoot?


Hi all,
This will not work as the package WmIPRoot is deprecated from webM 7.1 itself and i was not aware of that.
So, it cannot work and i was not supposed to migrate the package from 6.5 which is the mistake i did.

Instead there is a package WmEstdCommonLib which has all the services which was there in WmIPRoot.