[WmAuditingSC.queue.2401E] UncaughtExceptionHandler in queue 'Session Queue'

Hello, this is my first post on this forum. And if I’m not chased away for rookie errors - hopefully not my last.

Topic: lotus.domino.Session->recycle() causes error
[WmAuditingSC.queue.2401E] UncaughtExceptionHandler in queue ‘Session Queue’
(every time) on webMethods w/IS_8.2_SP2_Core_Fix7, build 228.

This call has worked fine for years on Integration server 7.1 with the same Lotus Notes Adapter package (6.0).
Other recycle calls, like lotus.domino.Database->recycle() works fine on No errors issued in server log.

I’m a bit stuck on why we see this error now, and I would appreciate If anyone can point me in the right direction

Thanks, Arnt

It seems this is a known issue discussed on the Empower KB article…Check this out:


If you have no immediate access to the site here is the direct info:

Version: 8.2.2


There is an UncaughtExceptionHandler in queue ‘ServiceAssoc Queue’ error occurrence in server log.

Please check why the error occurs. Why the error “UncaughtExceptionHandler in queue ‘ServiceAssoc Queue’” occurs in server log (but no error in Error log).
Integration Server (IS) is clustered and there is no interface problem. This error occurs irregularly after we have upgraded and went live.

In IS admin page > Setting> Logging, the mode of Service logger is set by Asynchronous, Guaranteed is set by No and Destination is set by File.


There was a similar issue when a service that closes sessions on Lotus Domino servers. It seems like there was a new java service implemented in the environment to search the staff number and do substring it. It is communicating with Domino Notes and then searching staff number. There was a similar issue when a service that closes sessions on Lotus Domino servers using the Domino Java API (NCSO.jar).

The mentioned java service looks like generating those errors - “UncaughtExceptionHandler in queue 'ServiceAssoc Queue”. It is a service that closes sessions on Lotus Domino servers using the Domino Java API (NCSO.jar). It should close the session correctly but generates those errors.

If this is the case, do try to install a newer version of the Lotus Domino Java API (NCSO.jar). Also, make sure the jar files you’re compiling against match the version you’re running with. You may engage your vendor regarding this as the third party solution.

The issue is resolved after mentioned API driver version upgrade.


Thanks for this reply! Very useful!! Will look for new driver.

I replaced ncso.jar, timestamped 03.03.2005 with the ncso.jar from my own Lotus Notes 8.5 client, timestamped 11.08.2010 and the error message went away. Thanks for helping!

Hello Guys

I am also facing a similar error.
The version of IS is with CoreFix8.

Error in the server logs is as follows:

2013-10-16 08:28:12 BST [WmAuditingSC.queue.2401E] UncaughtExceptionHandler in queue ‘Session Queue’
2013-10-16 08:29:50 BST [WmAuditingSC.queue.2401E] UncaughtExceptionHandler in queue ‘Session Queue’
2013-10-16 08:29:50 BST [WmAuditingSC.destination.1122E] Destination ‘ErrorDBDest’ caught unexpected Throwable logging audit event: null
2013-10-16 08:30:01 BST [WmAuditingSC.queue.2406E] AuditQueueWorker for queue ‘Error Queue’ failed to log event to destination ‘ErrorDBDest’; reason ‘null’; stack trace follows
2013-10-16 08:30:01 BST [WmAuditingSC.queue.2416I] In queue ‘Error Queue’ worker, the preceding error is non-recoverable; failing-over
2013-10-16 08:30:01 BST [WmAuditingSC.queue.2098E] The following record could not be written to the Failed Audit Log: WMERROR 7d3a0300-3634-11e3-b12c-e7c8cd56548b
2013-10-16T07:30:01.129Z null java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: null
at java.lang.reflect.Array.newArrayImpl(Native Method)
at java.lang.reflect.Array.newInstance(Array.java:246)
at java.util.Vector.toArray(Vector.java:1011)
at com.wm.app.audit.impl.AuditRuntime.getContextStack(AuditRuntime.java:330)
at com.wm.app.b2b.server.audit.ServiceAuditLogger.auditLogEnd(ServiceAuditLogger.java:498)

We recieved this error for the first time and after we recieved this error the server error logs stopped getting generated and there was no entry made after the above error.

The system thread count, Committed memory , sessions etc. were around optimal values.

Can you please suggest the cause and the fix of this issue.


Did you configure Audit db (ISCoreAudit) pool and make sure all the tables created correctly if not drop and recreate and reassign the pool…Restart the IS 822

Also IS822 core fix level now is corefix11