wM Unit Test Framework (WmTestSuite) and central server development

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Looking for guidance and anyone able to share their knowledge/experience on this topic: using the wM Unit Test Framework in a central server dev environment.

The framework assumes local development, where one is using Designer and an IS instance on your local machine. One creates tests within a Java project on the local machine. Run tests. Check everything in to VCS, then have scripts, components, etc. to put all that to a “reference” server and run the tests there using whatever tools you’d like (Jenkins is the usual tool mentioned to manage the whole set of activities).

We’d like to be able to create the test cases and suites directly on the central server.

The PS/GCS folks indicated they have a way of creating test cases and suites so that they get saved to the central server, rather than to your local machine. I’m investigating that further, but wondering if anyone has set up such an environment/approach.

I’m also interested if anyone has info about other tools. I’ve seen info on CATE (seems almost exactly the same as wM Unit Test Framework). It would be great to use WmUnit again (from CustomWare/ServiceRocket, not the JUnit-based package on SourcForge) but that appears to have been abandoned/lost (I still have the package from years ago but no key).

My issues with the wM and CATE tools are they are Java project focused. And that we get to learn another set of UI things to establish test cases, define the comparisons, etc. rather than use the language we work in all day every day - FLOW. I get that there are a lot of Java devs out there, lots of tools, etc. but IMO one of the reasons for the success and longevity of IS is that development for it is NOT a Java thing. Sure, one can create Java services but that’s a relatively small set of stuff in the overall scheme – and is more of a scripting type of tool than it is “proper” Java dev. If one wants to do Java, other tools are better suited.

Any and all input is welcome, though if one wades into “why not just use the local development approach” be prepared for a vigorous debate around the benefits and assumptions of such. :slight_smile:


I find your points absolutely valid, especially this one:

That’s the reason we’ve created a unit testing framework (for internal usage in our organization) based on flow only. And use it with great success and pleasure. I’ve alwyas been disappointed why SAG folks have chosen Java as the base for flow unit tests.


There are Flow-based test tools.

I know that Ferrologic and Wrightia have made something (I work with them).

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Thanks for the info Gerardo!

“We’d like to be able to create the test cases and suites directly on the central server.”

Is this possible or do we need the DevOps edition using local developent?

We like to start using wMTestSuite in our central server before going to local development.

I had not been able to obtain the information/components that PS/GCS indicated were possibly available to use the central server approach with the Wm Unit Test Framework. Like others, we created our own FLOW- and .dsp-based solution, similar to how the old Customware WmUnit package functioned.

We also use another tool for integrationtest but like to use this testsuite for the unittests, I like the possibility to see the code coverage.

But the client is not ready to go DevOps edition yet…