wM Transports for Siebel to wM asynchronous communication?

Hi All,

In addition to the business services for
synchronous communication that are installed
with webMethods Transports on the Siebel Server,
there are also the un-documented ones for
asynchronous document exchange. These
services are disabled after installation.

Does anybody use these services to asynchronously
notify the IS about the events on the Siebel
Server? Is there any documentation available
for them? Can these services be relied on?

Is there any other way of asynchronous event
notification (from the Siebel Server to wM)?

It seems that the intended mechanism to notify
the IS about the events on the Siebel Server
is synchronous document exchange. However this
may cause problems when the IS is down at the
moment the event takes place (how to protect
against loosing the notification in that case).

Thanks in advance for any help.