Hi all,
we have this error in the server log:
java.sql.SQLException: [wm-cjdbc36-0007][Oracle JDBC Driver][Oracle]ORA-02291: integrity constraint (TN.FK_ACTLOG_RELATEDDOCID_BIZDOC) violated - parent key not found
Error logging database event [TRNSERV.000016.000005]

On the Advantage page I found that “found this issue to be related to a custom serivce call to wm.tn:log.”, but no further explanation.

Do you know, what exactly is it related to? I mean what is done wrong, does anything have to be changed?

Thanks for replies.

What triggered this error?

Did this happen, after a new wM TN DB setup?

Any changes, were made to TN DB tables?

From the error message, looks like, its either an incomplete TN DB setup or any changes on DB, might have caused disabling/dropping of integrity constraints.

This happens after we send a reply (as a part of request-reply process). The request runs without any problem and reply too, but we always see this error. And it happened for all request-reply processes I tried to test.

As far I know there was no change in the DB for quite a long time.

Did somebody had this error before?

This error is occurring, when entry is made into the activity log.Even though this doesn’t impact your processing, you should be able to notice that, the activity log is blank, for the process.

One way to identify and address this issue, is to verify the foreign key constraints on activitylog table and figure out the discrepancy. You can do this by comparing the existing constraints with the scripts you used to create TN DB tables.

If this method is cumbersome, provide the error details to your DBA, along with the TN DB script, they should fix it for you.

You may have a service that is invoking wm.tn.log, passing the input parm, relatedDocId. Perhaps the relatedDocId value is not a valid bizdoc.

I would check to see what custom services you have that are invoking wm.tn.log and what verify values being passed.