WM table config issue

Hello All,
We have recently migrated to 6.1.When we open wM monitor we get the following error
Failed getting instance list (java.sql.SQLException: [wm-cjdbc33-0009][Oracle JDBC Driver][Oracle]ORA-00942: table or view does not exist )

We have associated the ISCoreAudit , ProcessAudit,TN ,Xref
function alias definitions with the same Associated Pool Alias.

Following are the details for the connection Pool alias:

Alias Name wmDB
Alias Description Common con Pool
Associated Driver Alias DataDirect Connect JDBC Oracle Driver
Database URL jdbc:wm:oracle://IP:1528;SID=quet
User Id quet
Password *****
Minimum Connections 2
Maximum Connections 20
Idle Timeout 60000 milliseconds .

Any ideas where we might be goin wrong??
Any inputs are appreciated.

just to add to that …we have tried testing the connection and it was able to make a connection but the error continues to appears

Did you run all of the database migration scripts? A number of tables have changed/been added. We also found that the migration scripts from 6.01 to 6.1 were not 100% complete.

If you have run the migration scripts on your database and you are still having problems try using the 6.1 DB create scripts to get a clean version of the schema somewhere and then do a schema compare against what you have now and the clean schema. That should identify the missing pieces.

Thanks for the reply Blackwuf .We have not run the scripts for 6.1 since we connect to the same db for 6.0.1.
Would having such a config no be viable?If we run the scripts for 6.1 would it still work for 6.0.1 ?

I can tell you that for 6.1 to work correctly that you definitely need to run the scripts, but I don’t know that you would want to try and run 6.01 with the 6.1 tables. There were a number of changes that could cause the 6.01 to not work correctly. If you are using a database that supports multiple schemas in the same DB you can do the following.

We use Oracle for our database and have configured multiple users/schemas where each schema has a complete set of webMethods tables. The tables are not made public and each IS connects to the database as the user for the schema we want it to use. This seems to work very well in that we can run multiple Integration Servers but only have to maintain one database.

Thanks for the suggestion Blackwuf .
Real cool one…We’ll try to implement that…