WM SQL Server Setup

Dear Group,

This is my first post, so I thought I would start with an introduction.

I am Alphan Culha, from Vanguard Integration, Melbourne.

I set up WM 6.0.1 with SQL Server and had a few frustrating moments. Having gone through the training material as well as WM documentation and a couple of posts on this site, I got it going.

I thought, I would document the process and post it here. Hopefully
it will save someone the frustration.

My environment is -

WM - 6.0.1
SQL Server 2000 on Win 2000
SQL Server for JDBC SP 1 (I believe SP 2 has been released recently).


Alphan Culha
Vanguard Integration
+(61) 425 753 811

My appologies…I though I uploaded the document successfully…

Obviously not…

Here it is.

WM SQL Server Setup
WM SQL Server Setup.doc (49.2 k)

Thanks for the effort,Sharing.

Thanks for the posting. I have a question.
Is there any way the Windows NT user name can be used to login to SQL Server through JDBC adapter? I have requirement to use OS login for JDBC adapter. Thanks in advance.



I think the short answer to your question is “no”.

A somewhat longer answer is that the 6.03 JDBC adapter stores its connection information in an “adapter connection” that you create with the webMethods Administrator.

I haven’t seen a way to change that login information on the fly for individual users of an IS service and I’m not sure you would want to do that even if you could. Integration Server is the “user” of the database resource not the client that is invoking your IS service.

Now, if what you are really attempting to do is control access to IS services (including JDBC adapter services) using NT credentials, you could explore changing the “pluggable” security model of Integration Server to use Active Directory via LDAP or to use one of the Identity Management solutions like Netegrity SiteMinder. I would not recommend this unless you have a compelling need for the additional security features provided by one of these tools as it represents added complexity, cost and work.

If you do want to use an identity management solution ask your webMethods account rep or systems engineer to help you learn about the work that webMethods security group has done in this area.