A service called from the killSession service is no longer available in 8.0.1. We currently are using this service in our load balancing package for 6.5. Is there a comparable service in flow that can be used to remove a session? If the IS is available our package returns a string and then exists, or is it possible to rely on GC to clean up unused session? We call this package every 5 seconds.

All wm.* services are internal, not documented and like this case, can be removed without any warning.

Aside from the fact the service no longer exist in wM 8, I do not manage to understand what you want to achieve!

Why would you want to kill a session?

It’s a combination of issues. We support several large data transfers so that we have to have long timeout settings. However, when we did this we started seeing our load balance controller incrementing the number of sessions until they were all used up. Every 5 seconds and base timeout of 800 seconds. So we implimented the kill session so that each time it connected to check the status of our server it would kill the session at the end of the flow.

Does that make sense?

No it does not make sense.

Each time you do a connection, and while the connection is active the session remains opened. When execution finish it should “die” it selves.

If you have a client doing multiple connections and set keep-alive, session should remain until is explicitly ended.

You seem to have a problem in the session handling. Install latest fixes for your version and if problem remain open a ticket with support.

You should not be killing sessions that way.

You can set called service to be stateless. This way session will be discarded at end of its execution. If the string is constant you can also set caching to improve performance.

Tomasz is spot on. Have the LB device ping a service that is stateless. That will resolve the issue of the LB chewing up the sessions.

Additionally, you might consider setting your entry services as stateless. Most entry/top-level services are the only thing a client calls and so keeping the session is useless. Also, most clients don’t keep the session cookie anyway and so they don’t reuse the session when calling multiple services, make the session superfluous.

We have a file polling port set with 5 seconds interval and have set the session expiry time to 10 minutes, in mean time, IS server is maximum utilizied by number of sessions i.e. around 30 to 50 sessions with 0 request and makes used memory to 98%, could you please advise what should be done to get rid of this session issue.
I understand, setting main service i.e. processing service in this case as stateless would reduce the sessions, will this impact the processing, as the performance and accountability are crucial.
thanks in advance for your help.