wM product install method silent/graphical which path feels better

Hello People,
Does anyone have recommendations for pros and cons when using silent mode of installation… to build a new environment when compared to conventional gui install and then customize per requirements?:confused:

java -jar webMethodsInstaller71.jar -console -silent silent.xml

I understand there will be hell lot of scripting to do which could involve opening files after a vannila install for changing parameters which can be anywhere like

  • Xmx and Xms parameters from default settings.
  • adding packages
  • customizing config files to change requisite parameters
    to name a few…

In short how much level of automation is too much to go for…?

OR ALTERNATIVE OPTION just build a complete product suite and tar-untar to various machines to keep simplest and exact level of consistency across the builds…

Thanks for your thoughts n suggestions…:talker: :uhoh:


Silent install is normally used to duplicate installation steps for different environment by making installation script file. This would ensure you have same components install in same way.

Yes you are correct for changing the paramaeters like perm space or java max, min paramaters we need to do manually.

Copying full webMethods installation might help you if its unix flavoured OS but there also you might need to update the relative paths in startup file if you are going to untar in different file structure . Copying in windows might have problem with registries. Did you check this with SoftwareAG guys, they might have a fair recommendation on this.