wm.ip.rn:receive doesnt have input and output


I want to publish Rosettanet document on to Trading Networks. For this purpose, I am using wm.ip.rn.receive built-in service, but this service doesnt have any input and output. What is the reason for the same?

I am working on PIP3A4 Manage Purchase Order process using Rosettanet. This Purchase process is "Two-action asynchronous’.I am facing the following problems

  1. In order to send the document to Trading Networks(TN), ‘pub.estd.rosettaNet:receive’ service is required. But this service, in my case doesnt have Inputs and Outputs at all.
    How can we get the service(pub.estd.rosettaNet:receive)which has Input and output ? is there any other way of sending a Rosettanet document to TN.
  2. We are using Process Model to implement this scenario.The process created requires a “Wait for PORequest” activity step. This step uses “pub.estd.rosettaNet:waitStepInit” service.The process model got successfully “Built and Uploaded for execution”.I enabled the process model using the Monitor. But while running the process at the “Wait for PORequest” activity step, there was an error thrown saying “com.wm.estd.rosettaNet.prt.CouldNotIdentifyTheIncommingDocType: Could not find any entry document in this wait step”.

I am facing exactly same issue. Can someone please advise immediately? It is very urgent.


Can we know what troubleshooting you did so far and where are you stuck?

Also what is your IS/RN version and did you check with SAG support also on this?