wM.io API + Integration in End-To-End monitoring


I have an API set up in wM.io API that is calling the API set up for a workflow in wM.io Integration.
When running the scenario, in End-To-End monitoring the graphical network flow only shows .io Integration but leaves out .io API. See below picture.
Skärmavbild 2021-08-18 kl. 12.47.46

In the Group in E2E I have specified that I want to see all products in Starts with and involved products.

Anyone who have came across this and knows why this is happening?


Nils-Göran Bakkerud

Hi Nils, I believe to get a big picture out of wmio for API monitoring scope, you still need to use/depend on API management suite- like io.API Gateway product…You may please refer this online docs for more info.



Hi and thanks for you reply,

That is what I am doing. The first API in the flow is set up in the webMethods.io API Gateway product.

In turn then that API is calling the API set up for the wM.io Integration workflow.

Nils-Göran Bakkerud

Please create a support ticket.


well, the thing is that my company is a partner to SAG and this is being done in our lab-environment. As SAG does not have any proper partner licenses we have to use some prolonged free license version. This then has the implication that we cannot create support tickets as the license is technically a free license.

I recommend that you compile a comprehensive feedback across enablement, mentoring, licenses, support, reference artefacts, partner engagement channels, response times and any other requirements/improvements/obstacles, and share them with your SAG partner manager.

I can tell you that the partner model is being reviewed and improved, so your feedback would be perfectly timed and valuable.


:slight_smile: we have an ongoing discussion with the local partner responsible so they are aware of our situation/opinions.


ok then hope you are in the right direction!

Hi Nils,

We have few APIs of API Gateway calling WMIO integration and we are able to view both the nodes in E2E Monitoring. Please let us know what is the tenant name and in which region it is provisioned so that we can check the details.


The tenant is celestedigital and the region is europe.


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