Wm Installation.

Hello there,

We did custum installation of webmethods6.1, means we donot have IntegrationServer directory in our installation, our structure is as follows
/usr/local/webMethods/common etc…

IntegrationServer directory is replaced by IS1, and IS2, we have two IS’s running on one UNIx box and on Broker. Until now to apply patches we were unzipping the files in different directory and copying to the IS1 directory. Now the we are planning to upgrade to 6.5 version, and we want to use Installer to install, is there any way we can upgrade at the current installation.

any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Hello all,
iam new to the webMethods we wanna install the webemthods to one of our client.i would like to now wat exactly the prerequisites that we need to install the webMethods in to solaris-8.

quick response willbe helpful.
i wanna say thnax for all in advance.

What version of webMethods are you installing?
What products do you plan to install?

Most likely you will need a JVM to be installed already (for newer Integration Server like 6.1 and 6.5, you will need to have JVM 1.4.2)


If you are installing Mainframe Integration Server on Solaris 8, see this thread.