WM FTP client services

Hi All,

I am trying to connect to GXS VAN using the WM FTP client services.

The machine to connect from my side is a solaris
box, behind firewall and load balancer.

I came to know that the FTP server I need to connect only supports ACTIVE transfer mode.

First I used unix command ftp , I was able to login , cd and get a file, and logout.

Then I tried using the wm ftp client. It hangs on both get and put.

any idea?


That’s surprising that only active mode is supported. Usually passive mode is preferred.

Either way, there is an option called transfertype in pub.client:ftp which you can set to ‘active’ or passive. See the BuiltInServices guide documentation.

Does anyone know what the default transfer type is for using the WM FTP client services?

The default transferType value of WmPublic pub.client:ftp is “active”.

I am encountering the similar problem with the ftp service. It sometimes
change to passive even though we choose the transfer type to be active mode.
Have you found the solution for this? Thanks.

Any idea as how to set the transferType parameter value of WmPublic pub.client:ftp apart from giving it in the Outbound queues option.