WM cannot receive data from notification


We are trying to switch from old sql server to new server.
After switch, WM can still connect to new sql server but it cannot receive data whenever there is data update in new sql server.
Please kindly guide us how we can check where goes wrong.
WM connection to new server is ok and also the WM triggers are also in the new server.
Thank you so much


Please check your Connection properties once, may be it is referring old Database server…!

Are you referring the JDBC adapter notifications? If so, check that the DB objects that were on the old server are on the new server. Namely, DB triggers and buffer tables. The JDBC adapter notifications poll the buffer tables–it is the DB objects that populate those buffer tables. How those DB objects get created depend upon the notification type.

Since you swapped out the DB, the adapter thinks it has already created the DB objects. So it doesn’t try to do so again. You might try disabling then reenabling the notification to recreate the DB objects if they are missing.