wM Broker TCP connection dropouts


We have a new client using (WebSphere) who are connecting to our broker via LDAP for JMS messaging.

Everything is working fine except the TCP connection is dropping after exactly 2 hours of idle.

The Client, however still sees the connection as ESTABLISHED when they run the netstat command.

Our server seems to be silently dropping the connections.

I’m not sure if the broker uses the socket option: SO_KEEPALIVE or not? but after disabling this option in the LDAP server (opends) the LDAP connection remained ESTABLISHED after 2 hours. But Broker still drops.

Any ideas? Thoughts?

OS: Solaris with the tcp_keep_alive set as default 2 hours…

is there a firewall between websphere and broker ? if yes,you might want to look into firewall if it’s dropping the connection…

There is a firewall, but we ruled this out after testing by changing the solaris setting: tcp_keepalive_interval from 2hrs to 1.5hrs, the connection then dropped exactly after 1.5 hours…

It’s my understanding that the keep alive feature will send a probe packet and wait for an ACK - The amount of time is should allow for the ACK is also configured via TCP_IP_ABORT_INTERVAL which is defaulted at 8 minutes.

Therefore, we can’t understand why the connection drops at 2hrs instead of TCP_KEEPALIVE_INTERVAL (2hrs) + TCP_IP_ABORt_INTERVAL (8mins) = 2hrs and 8 Minutes?

I also suspect that the client application may not be utilizing the SO_KEEPALIVE socket option and hence not responding to probes and getting dropped by our server. They still see ESTABLISHED connections after we’ve dropped them…