Wm Broker as JMS provider


I am trying to use the webmethods broker 6.5.2 as a foreign JMS provider from weblogic 10.0 (MP1) to post and subscribe messages.
I have a session bean which sends messages to the broker and a message driven bean which tries to listen onto these messages.
Although, the messages are getting posted to the JMS Q on the broker, I have not been able to receive messages from the JMS Q on the broker.
I have configured the wm broker as a foreign JMS server and have got the local Qs and connection factory on weblogic for the remote ones on the wm broker.
I get the following error when I try to deploy the code on the server,

EDT> <The Message-Driven EJB: NotificationMessageBean is unable to connect to the JMS destination: beaQ. The Error was:
javax.jms.InvalidDestinationException: [BRM.10.2203] JMS: Queue “wmQ” is in use.>

beaQ – local jndi name
wmQ – remote jndi name.
NotificationMessageBean – MessageDrivenBean