WM Add-In for Microsoft Visual Studio .Net


I have generated code for the first time in VS 2005 using the WM Add-In. I am using the service WmPublic.pub.string.concat delivered by WM IS. I generated the code but when I compile errors appear 6 … I have to install any service pack to avoid having this problem?

The other problem is that only the first time that install WM I can access the IS Administrator. After restart my PC no longer even I get the login window, rather I get the blank browser or the message “You can not display the page”


Be sure to get the MS fix. The original package distributed with 7.1.1 had many bugs and the code would not compile if you had created a document from XML schema.

Check to make sure IS is running. I install it as a service, but it can still fail because the LOCKFILE doesn’t get deleted sometimes.