wM 9.7 TN Processing Rule Names no longer allow spaces?

I’m building a webMethods 9.7 server as the start of an upgrade project from version 8.2.2. I exported my TN objects from 8.2.2 and imported them into webMethods 9.7.

In 9.7, I tried editing a processing rule named “EBS Holding Rule”. When I tried to save, I got the error “Invalid Processing rule name. Special characters are not allowed.” I ended up deleting and recreating the rule in 9.7. I got the same error and some experimentation revealed that it didn’t like the spaces – I had to change the name to “EBSHoldingRule” to successfully save the rule.

Is this a change somewhere between 8.2.2 and 9.7 that processing rules can no longer have spaces, or do I have a problem somewhere I need to track down?

Fix TN_97._MWS_Fix_1 fixed the issue