wM 9.12 IntegrationServer Scheduler question


I noticed that one of the predefined schedulers in IS (imageCleanup) always wants to run on local host.

Even if I set it to run on “Any Server”, upon next restart another scheduler for this service gets created with current local host name.
This is a little bit annoying as we have a HA solution where the IS service can switch from one box to another, which will cause a creation of additional schedulers and the one for the inactive host will fail then.

Can this be avoided by any setting or is this just a bug?
On 9.5 it was possible to set this scheduler service to run on “Any Server” and this could be persisted in the ISInternal database.

Current Fix Level is Fix12.


Are you running process instances in this environment?

This scheduler is required to clean up the process instance images which are located under WmMonitor/pub/images/processes folder. If you have bpm, then images will be there in each IS instance and it makes sense to run this in every IS.

Any reason you want to avoid running in each IS?

If there is no bpm involved, this scheduler can be deleted as I don’t see any other significance of this trigger.


Hi Senthil,

yes, we are running BPM on these servers.

I do not want to avoid the scheduler to be running, but I just want to tell the scheduler that it can run on either of the boxes where the IS service is currently active regardless of the name of box (boxA and boxB for example) by setting it to “Any Server”.
But 9.12 seems to require the scheduler to run on the named box it is currently active and creates an additional scheduler upon start when it cannot find a matching one for the respective box.
So after first fail over there will be two schedulers (one for each box), where only one of them will be working as the other one cannot reach the server it is bound to.