wM 7.1.1 JMS Connection to WebLogic 8.1

We are experiencing an error when trying to connect to a vendor product that is running on top of webLogic 8.1.2. When trying to enable the JMS Connection we get the below. Is webMethods trying to create a temporary topic or queue to verify connectivity? A template is not setup in webLogic as per the vendor of the app, but why is webMethods seem to require this?

weblogic.jms.common.JMSException: TemporaryTemplate not found. Please make sure that you have configured a TemporaryTemplate for your JMSServer(s).

For those looking to the answer to this one, we had to setup a default template for each queue. When webMethods connects to the JMS Server it tries to register a temporary queue. webLogic requires a template be setup for any temporary JMS Queue so it knows what properties to set it up with.


there are two system one at webMethods side and another is on oracle side, in oracle side using the weblogic JSM queue to pull the messages.

provider service will stay at webmethods side,which push JMS into weblogic queue and the trigger and consumer service will stay in weblogic side.

Kindly tell me which configuration setting required at webMethods side for JNDI provider and JMS alias and etc.?

better if any screen shot example.


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