WM 61 classloader problems with third party jars

I failed to migrate a package from 6.0 to 6.1 because third-party-jars I am using (Castor and Xerces implementation) can not be used by java flows in a package. The jars are located in “IntegrationServer/packages/<package>/code/jars”. When I put them in “IntegrationServer/packages/<package>/code/jars/static” or “IntegrationServer/lib/jars” everything works as expected. But I do not want them to be added to the global classloader. I want to use the package classloader but it seems to act differently from the 6.0 one.

Did anyone run into the same trouble?

Thank you,
Ulf Licht

Good point Ulf,
I believe you have hit upon an issue that I have been having for some time. 6.01 may have changed their loader and I did not know this.
So, I also need a workaround. Perhaps the loader can be applied externally but not as a package loader.


What exactly are the errors you are getting. The <pkg>/code/jars directory has been around for a long time specifically for the capability of having jars/libs available only for the package.

You might be running into a collision with Xerces libraries that are included with the Integration Server.