WM 60 broker with Enterprise Server

Is it possible to route document traffic from an Enterprise Server 5.x to a 6.0 broker?


Keep the brokers in the territory and divert the traffic to 6.0,but i dont have much info on diverting and underneath configuration.Just some thoughts in the dark.

ES 4.6 apps will work with a 6.0.1 or a 6.1 adapter just fine. We have updated our brokers to 6.1, but still have some legacy EI/ES apps. You don’t need to segregate them with a territory, but you can if you want.

FYI - webMethods has annouced that ES/EI will be going to “end of maintenance” on 3/31/2006. We plan on having all of our 4.6 stuff converted by then.

Sorry, I havent worked on pre 6.0 a lot and am involved in a migration project. When you refer to ES 4.6, are you referring to the version of ES or the associated broker version. Do the 6.x brokers require a separate installation of wm IS 6.x or will they work with ES 5.0.


I know ES 4.6/5.0 apps will work with a 6.0.1 or a 6.1 adapter(Broker)but looks like munna wants to route/divert the document traffic and keep 5.x live.is he want to upgrade 5.0 to 6.x original question?

You are right. We want to plan the migration to 6.0 in phases, in the first phase just want to upgrade the wm broker to 6.0 keeping ES 5.0 live if that is possible. Keep that running for a while and later upgrade from ES 5.0 to IS 6.x

An ES 4.6 (the only thing that is 5.0 is the old broker) application can publish to or subscribe from a 6.0.1 or a 6.1 broker.

Lets say you have an integration where system A is sending data to system B. So you have ES/EI app the gets data from A, publishes a document, which is subscribed to by another ES/EI app that writes data to B.

You can upgrade your wm environment, which will upgrade your broker. Then you can convert your “A” application, so now an IS based service will be publishing the document. Your “B” application, which is still an old app, can still subscribe to the document and operate as normal.

You could also convert your subscribing app first, if you desire.

This is the “replacement method” outlined in webMethods_Integration_Platform_Upgrade_Guide_6.1.pdf, which you should have. There is also a “side by side” method in the document, which involves a territory. For most people, this is an unnecessary complication, but I recommend reading this, and then coming back to us with more detailed questions.

Thanks for helping to steer my efforts in the right direction.