wM 6.x Adapter placement guideline?

In previous releases, when dealing with Enterprise Adapters (a DB adapter for example), the �general� recommendation was to place the adapter close to the resource (for example: in the case of a DB adapter instance, run the Adapter Monitor and DB adapter on the database server where the target database resided on).

Does this �general� recommendation still apply in the wM 6.x environment when using the wM 6.x adapters? For instance, if I were to �port� my integration code for an ES DB adapter to wM 6.x, what would be the �general� recommendation as to where to run the wM 6.x JDBC adapter (and associated IRT)?

I recently attended the wm6 integration workshop, and they were talking about a model where you would have multiple integration servers all connected to one broker.

I too am looking for some guidance on where to place 6.X adapters. In 4.X the adapter monitor process was lightweight and hosting adapters on the same machine as the target application (database, COTS app, etc) had little impact on the target server. Furthermore, additional environments (production, pre-production, etc) running on the same server did not require additional adapter monitor processes.

In 6.X, however, hosting an adapter on a target machine means installing IS on that machine. Additional environments require additional installations of IS. I am very concerned that our target server, which is primarly intended to host our target application, may be significantly impacted by the IS’ CPU and memory usage.