wM 6.5 to wM 8.0 Issue

We are promoting our code from wM6.5 to wM8.0. So we took a snapshot of Prod 6.5 and moved it to Dev 8.0. We are making changes, moving code to QA 8.0 through deployer and further to Prod 8.0

During this time, more changes went in to Prod 6.5. How do you bring this changes back to Dev 8.0 and move up the environments?

We thought of using patches but not everyone is familiar with this procedure. Does Deployer create packages/patches on the server? Can we take these and apply on Dev 8.0?

Bringing the complete packages from 6.5 might need changes and retesting.

Let us know how to proceed.

well it does, you can certainly create a patch release from deployer… while you are defining your project… instead of click on your package. .go into properties options there and select patch instead of full.


Is it possible to install a wM 6.5 patch release to wM8.0 IS?

yes it is… but u certainly have to check for post deployment compliancy check… as your released code can have some broken code or reference to items which are depreciated in latest version.


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