WM 6.5 compatibility with SHA

HI ,

We use SHA I certificate in 6.5 version .

As SHA I is deprecated to SHA 2 ,is there any recommendations from software ag to make it compatible ?

Any other recommended algorithms which we can use for our SSL certificate in 6.5 ?

Hi Anjana,

as wM 6.5 is out-of-support you should definitely consider upgrading to a more recent version.

Upgrade path:

  • wM 6.5 to wM7.1.2/wM 7.1.3
  • wM7.1.2/wM 7.1.3 to wM 9.5 SP1
  • wM 9.5 SP1 to any newer wM 9.x version

At least from wM 7.1.x onwards SHA256 is possible.