wM 4.6 - BrokerAdmin page?

Hi All,

Just a quick question. I’m looking for the equivalent page in wMv4.6

In wM v6, the page is http://localhost:5555/WmBrokerAdmin

What would the equivalent version of that page be in wMv4.6 ?


There isn’t one. Broker and IS were not integrated until 6.0. IS 4.6 had a package and Broker had an adapter that enabled communication between the two. There were tools for Broker to perform administration. There was no web-based UI.

I know that it wasnt integrated.
However, I’m currently trying to access some of the older v4.6 codes using Enterprise Integrator, and the guys at this office doesnt know what are the settings that i need to input, ie. the port, etc from EI.

I know i can check out broker ports, etc from v6 using the WmBrokerAdmin webpage…so i was wondering where’s the equivalent page to find these settings for v4.6?

The awbroker.cfg file has the settings. The awbrokermon.cfg file holds what broker servers are configured. Where those are located depends upon your installation.

The default port is 6849, but you probably already know that.

wm 4.6 doesn’t come with WmBrokerAdmin package instead you can use the webMethods Enterprise Manager(Fat Client), this works similar as BrokerAdmin package(web based thin Client).