Wiring to re-use webmethods pre-made portlets

Hi all.

Does anybody know how to re-use the process monitoring portlets created by webmethods?

I tried to use these pre-made portlets using “portlet include” but I always have wiring errors like this one: [POP.003.0160] Failed to resolve wiring for property “deployVersion”.

How is the wiring done in this case?
I tried to use “Control Parameter” without success. I also tried to pass the variable in the URL (http://:/meta/default/wm_bam_instance_image/0000007472?deployVersion=2) but I keep getting wiring errors.

Thanks in advance to any response.

In theory you should be able to include any monitoring portlet into your CAF application using Portlet Include control, but you need to know:

  • uri of the portlet to include
  • expected property names
  • expected property values

I would recommend posting these questions to webMethods Monitor forum, because here we do not have this information to answer you.