Windows Vista

Has anyone attempted to run any webMethods products (IS and Broker, in particular) on Windows Vista? I will be upgrading my new laptop in the next few weeks and wondered if anyone had attempted this.


But let us know how it goes. :eek: Another thought, I use Parallels to do virtualization on the desktop. It’s helpful for installing and testing configurations on different OS’s. I like it because it let’s me try out OS’s without messing up my existing configuration. It does support Vista, so you could do some testing. Of course the only issue would be the Vista upgrade addition. I believe it checks for the existence of a previous OS so I’m thinking you would need the full copy.

Hello gents - Do we have a verdict on Vista? How about for development tools (Developer, TN Console)?

I tried and it works but you loose the aero interface.

It shows the following message when you start Developer:
“The color scheme has been changed to windows vista basic”

Thanks for the feedback on Developer. Does anyone know if the IS and Broker can run on Vista?

I have installed IS and Broker on Vista, I did not experience any problem as if today.

What versions of IS and Broker did you install?

i think the better solution to this is called VMware :slight_smile: