Windows 2003 Compatability

Is webmethods 6.0.1 Integration Server, Broker compatible with Windows 2003? Does anyone know the specific location for documentation in regards with this compatability question? THanks in advance


Check this thread link,seems like IS6.1 supporting on windows2003 but not 6.01.


All you can do is install it and see if it works.

The documentation was produced prior to the platform being tested (6.01) or certified.

The 6.1 version has a support statement in the release/readme notes. If it doesn’t work after you install, then the next step is to log a service request containing the issues. The worst case scenario is that webMethods will respond back with a position of non-support for 6.01 on Windows 2003 Advanced Server.

I do know that it works well on Windows XP.