Will there be any impact if we set X-Cumulocity-Application-Key header as empty

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I am facing the similar issue and as per the answer I am in confusion that if by setting X-Cumulocity-Application-Key empty, will there be any other issues. I basically want to understand what this do and if i set empty what will happen.


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Hi @Sam123

this header initially was used to distinguish between requests which are actually coming from devices or applications / microservices that are processing data. Per default in the java microservice SDK this header is set with the assumption that most request are coming from microservice are not device requests (which might be wrong for server side agents).

If you remove that header the requests are sent as “device requests” also meaning they will be counted in the statistics as device request which might have an billable impact (which depends on your contract of course). Normally we just count inbound API requests and the header doesn’t have any relevance for billing anymore, but anyone else might correct me here if I’m wrong with that statement.

Still, if you use a microservice to integrate devices you should remove that header or add an additional PUT request so it is reflected as same in the platform as device request.


Hi Stefan,

Thank you for your response. Device not showing online - #2 by Stefan_Witschel As per this there are two options:

  1. I tried sending the empty PUT request with SDK it didn’t work from SDK as that header will come again, it works from postman.
  2. For 2nd point I am confused, how can we disable the header in SDK since all the methods are predefined :thinking:


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