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I have created a microservice, from which I’m creating devices and sending measurements and events. But the device status is not showing online even after receiving the measurements and events. Please note that I have set the required interval as well. But the device is not updating its status. When i check the device MO, lastUpdated property is getting updated but lastMessage within c8y_Availability is not getting updated.

If anyone has faced this issue, please help me to resolve.

The reason for that is that the microservice sdk is using the header “X-Cumulocity-Application-Key” which indicates that this is not a device request.
There a two options to avoid that:

  1. Send an additional empty update (PUT) to the managed object. This should update the c8y_Availability
  2. Re-implement the requests not setting the above header.

Thanks Stefan. Making the empty put request to Managed object using RestTemplate helped to solve the issue.

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