Why to chose Wm SAP For Optimize

Hi We are trying to make use of the component , Optimize for SAP on wM 8.2 Infrastructure and ECC 6 SAP system .

However i find it a bit difficult to consider WmSAPForOptimize to be a better tool for the purpose because of below reasons also mentioned by SAP experts.

1- SAP already has a product called BAM for business Activity Monitoring. So if we are trying to track/monitor all SAP Business processes why would an outside product be preferred over in house product.?

2- Per the architecture, both SAP BAM and WmOptFor SAP uses Events for data and then presenting them. If an SAP product is chosen for processing Events than an outside product it might be eaiser(Not very much sure though).

3- Is there any reasonable advantage of using WmOptForSAP than SAP BAM ?

I would like to know if anybody has any experience of implementing WmOptForSAP and it works like charm.

Thanks in advance.