Why my first Remote invoke is always faling

The error is not telling me much. Can you please add some details about the parameters passed to the service, whether this is being called straight out or through another service, whether you can tried to execute this in an isolated environment to make sure that only this service and not something happening just before may be the cause. Thank you.
Good day.

Yemi Bedu

Just a shot in the dark…and maybe a lesson learned. When doing a remote invoke, you (obviously) can not map a variable to the input of a service on a different server. For these reasons, you need to have the variables named appropriately before the remote invoke (or threaded invoke also). So when invoking the remote service with input “inputVar”, that value must exist in the pipeline of the calling server.


We have a startup service that fails similarly. I’ve been suspecting this fails in our case due to the server’s startup sequence. That is to say, I suspect the package’s startup service is being executed before the remote server alias is instantiated. This appears to be the case because we can successfully run that same service at any point after server initialization has completed.

Not sure if this applies to your situation, but hope it helps.