Why does cursor access not actually work?

Hello. This has been confusing me for some time, and I’m hoping I can get some insight into what I might be doing wrong.

When I try to access a very large dataset using cursors, I don’t actually get cursor behavior. It still tries to retrieve all the data at once.

Here is a snippet of code that shows what I’m doing:

xmlConnection = new TaminoConnection(dbURL);

xmlCommand = xmlConnection.CreateCommand(dbCollection);

string xquery = “input()/assessment”;
TaminoQuery query = TaminoXmlDocument.BuildQuery(null, xquery);
Debug.WriteLine("Query: " + StripCRLF(query.ToString()));
TaminoQueryResponse qr = null;
int PageSize = 100;

// Query the XML and walk through the records returned
xmlCommand.Timeout = 60 * 10;
qr = xmlCommand.Query(query, PageSize);
Debug.Assert(qr.ReturnValue.Equals(“0”), qr.ErrorText);

int count = 0;
TaminoPageIterator pageIt = qr.GetPageIterator();
while (pageIt.Next())
	TaminoItemIterator itemIt = pageIt.GetItemIterator();
		TaminoXmlDocument tamdoc = (TaminoXmlDocument)itemIt.GetItem(typeof(TaminoXmlDocument));

The reason I say it still tries to get everything at once is twofold: First, memory usage climbs like crazy, eventually using all available memory (~1.35GB RAM on a 1.5GB machine). Second, in the code above I can see hundreds or thousands of periods output, but I only ever see one “^” character at the beginning. I would expect to see a “^” every 100 records, but that doesn’t happen.

Any idea what I might be missing?

I’m using the .NET API library with C#.

Nevermind. I was using the wrong kind of transaction.