While executing an inbound (SAP Calling SAP BC) mapping

hai all,

  I choose Administrator UI navigation panel , Select SAP after that using Lookup tab i gave Function Name in Function By Name option(BAPI_COMPANYCODE_GETLIST),after performing this operation check for  TEST Function ,it was executed successfully. Performing inbound mapping for BAPI_COMPANYCODE_GETLIST  in Administrator UI navigation panel  i got sap.inbound.WEB_SAP:BAPI_COMPANYCODE_GETLIST service in DEVELOPER . Problem :While executing this service the IS server 6.1 is shutting down,is there any solution for executing mapping.



I’m a bit confused by the (SAP Calling SAP BC) reference in the subject line. You are calling this SAP function from the BC. I’m running the SAP Business Connector, which is IS 4.7. I just defined the map to call this BAPI from the BC as (SAP BC calling SAP) and it worked fine. Is it possible that you used the wrong map generation?


Hai Howard,

 Thanks for your response to my problem.I have done calling BAPI from BC as (SAP BC calling SAP),it was worked. But my problem is calling BAPI from SAP system as (SAP calling SAP BC) .While executing the above process the server is shutting down.

I want solution to avoid this problem.

Thanks in advance

Please, apply SAP OSS note 695477 “Dealing whit a corrupted transaction store”, this will fix your problem.