Which Style of WSDL

Hi All,

I am new to webMethods. I just want to know the style of WSDL with respect to webMethods?

What and when to use 1. RPC- Literal 2. RPC Encoded and Document-Literal.

I have gone through the documents but did not find anything related to webMethods.

Do we need to have understand SOAP to start working on webMethods webservice?:confused:

Please help me…

Thanking You.

Well that’s mainly because the style is a standard and not only related to wM.

You can search on internet the differences between each styles, and you shoukld choose the most appropiate one for you.

However if you talk about compatibility and WS-I compliance ( http://http://www.ws-i.org/ ) you should take Document-Literal.

You can start working with wM Integration Server (IS) to get familiar with how it supports providing and consuming web services with minimal knowledge of SOAP. You will find that a deeper understanding of SOAP will help tremendously with working with web services within IS.

Regarding which style to use when, a general rule of thumb is to use doc-literal unless something (e.g. an external partner defines the WSDL) forces you to use something else.