which RN TPA is getting executed?


When our customer sends RN document, i can see the transactions in TN and MWS process instance. But not sure, which RN TPA is getting executed?

Customer sending PO: ‘PIP3A4vV02_02 Purchase Order’ Could you please tell me how the TPA is getting executed in RN and to see which TPA got executed.


Hi Sam,

Check Activity log to find which TPA got executed

By default Unknown/Unknown TPA will get executed for any inbound/outbound TN Transactions, if you want set a specific TPA. you need to create TPA and get it execueted in code based on agreementID and map the values.

Check TN Concepts guide for more reference

Did all the RN TPA’s loaded in your TN or were you able to see it for Rosettanet transaction PIP’s related?

Please check with your wM Admin or some one who installed the RN module stuff etc… and PIP tools:


Hi Sai, RMG,

I can see the entry in ‘Activity log’ as document persist (only this entry, not more than this). BTW, we are in 8.0, whereas the RN/entire system got migrated from 6.5. I can see all PIP installed (packages). Your views please.


I would say after the fact of migration…so please check with your wM admin and run a few tests while he watching the env setup etc…for RN PIP’s interfaces.

RN processing is not that as simple after installing the module.