Which function to use to skip bad rows in a loop cloud flow service editor

Which feature to use to skip bad rows in a loop in integration io flow service (cloud flow service editor)?
eg. In designer we can use Exit Parent to skip bad rows but I do not find any similar Exit/function.
If we use if then all statement needs to nested in that if. To avoid this I am trying looking for function/feature for Exit bad rows.

Could you please help me & suggest?

Break is there to exit from loop in webMethods.io flow service. Please check if it meets your requirement.

Hi Tarak,
Thanks for response but I do not want to exit from loop. Need to continue to read/process next record.
Need to skip the bad rows (like amount less than or equal to zero) & continue to read the next record.


Can you not use an IF statement inside the loop to only process records that only have an amount > 0. That way loop continues to the next record without processing the bad one.

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Hi John,

Thanks for response.
Currently doing in that way only. This is workaround way but not a efficient way.
Consider a scenario that in loop I have 50 statements then I have to move all 50 statements in that IF. To avoid that if I have feature to skip bad rows then I can use that.


Hi Javed, You mentioned in designer you could do it using exit from parent as intended but not in webMethods.io flow service. To better understand your requirement, could you please share a screenshot of how you would have implemented this in Designer? Additionally, out of the 50 rows that you loop over, could you explain how you identify the bad rows?

Hi Tarak,

Thanks for response, currently I am stuck at this conversion. could you please help me on this.
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I have data=04/20/2023 in str field & need to convert into 20230420 (str type out field). Could you please suggest What are the steps required for this requirement in cloud flow service?

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